ACM Association for Computing Machinery - Tehran / Iran
Alavi A site dedicated to Bozorg Alavi
Alborz High School alumni
AUT Amir Kabir University of Technology
AMS Academy of Medical Sciences
APLLC Association for Persian Logic, Language and Computing
Aria - Dictionary A multilanguge farsi dictionary
FarsiDic English to Farsi;Farsi to English Dictionary
FarsiWeb Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network
FIS Foundation for Iranian Studies
Firatelloid The first Iranian intelligent humanoid robot
GSI The Geological Survey of Iran - established in 1962, through a special fund project of United Nations
GU Golestan University
IASBS Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan
IHCS Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
IRANKONKOUR Educational News, Institudes, Educators, Konkour Results, ...
IRANDOC Iranian Information And Documentation Center
Iranian Ethnologue A catalogue of some 69 Iranian languages
IROST Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
IRG Iranian Studies Group@MIT
ISAA Iranian Student Alliance in America (ISAA - UC Berkeley)
ISI Informatic Society of Iran
ISRI Intelligent Systems Research Institute
IUI International University of Iran
IUT Isfahan University of Technology
J2EE Iranian J2EE Developers Group
KNUT Khajeh Nassir Toosi University
KPFCY Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
KUMS Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
Miras Maktoob The Written Heritage Publication Center
Modares Tarbiat-e Modares University
Noor Microfilm Center Research center to microfilm Persian Language and Literature
NRCGEB National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
PersianMirror Modern Guide to Persian Weddings, Cuisine, Culture and Community
PUT Petroleum University of Technology
Rajaei Rajaei Cardiovascular, Medical and Research Center
SAF Science and Arts Foundation
SU Shiraz University
SU-CE Dept Sharif University of Technology Computer Engineering Department
SUT Sharif University of Technology
Theory Physics Group
TUMS Tehran University of Medical Sciences
UT University of Tehran - Main
UT - FOE University of Tehran - Electrical and Computer Engineering
YSC Young Scholars Club
Vazhe Association of Iranian Authors & Artists in Toronto
ZDMU Zahedan University of Medical Sciences

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