You may need these fonts to read Farsi/Persian coded scripts both using editors or browsers. Except for the IRNA fonts, you may want to click on [ Installation Guide] to learn how to install a font. You many also have to press and hold shift key while clicking the links to download the files.
IRNA Fonts Down load and run to extract to the default location, DONE
Efont True Type Needed for Apadana Farsi editor and maybe more
Negah True Type Needed for some papers
Nfont True Type Again needed for Apadana Farsi editor and maybe more
Sepehr True Type For many sites and editors, don't ask which!
Persian True Type For reading Hamshahri, the index of this site and many others, again don't ...!
If you are using Unix or MAC or this font doesn't work, try [ this ] link.
Safineh Font You will need to read the Safineh ISP site

You may find other font sites providing some more fonts.

You know more? Email me with a link or hints so that I include it/them.

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