AIPP Association of Iranian Political Prisoners (in Exile)
Andisheh o Peykar Left as a tradition
Armenian Genocide 1915 over 1,500,000 Armenians were murdered and about 800,000 were deported from their ancestral lands
Aryamehr Dedicated to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, aka Shahanshah Aryamehr
Babkha A Micronation Based on Persian Culture
CIA Iran CIA - State Department Files
Civil Society The New Force by Mihan Foundation, Inc.
CMI - FrontLine The Constitutionalist Movement of Iran - FrontLine
Commun Shoraye Kar (Labor Counsil), a fraction of the Old Fadaii Minority
Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in English
CPI Communist Party of Iran
Daftar Iranian Interests Section, U.S.
Democrats Iranian American Democrats of New York
Diversity An Iranian American Community Center in the US
DNI Democracy Network of Iran
DPIP The Democratic Party Of Iranian People
Etehad Chap Kargari Alliance of Political Groups of the Iranian Left
Etehad Iran Alliance of all civil opposition activists
Fadaee(CHFKHA) Iranian People's Fadaee Guerrillas
FadAii aghaliat Iranian People's Fedaian(Minority)
FedAii(Iran-Nabard) Organization of Peoples Fedaii Guerrillas
FedAii(SCHFKHA) Organization of Peoples Fedaii Guerrillas
FedAii(OIPFG) Organization of People's Fedayee Guerrillas(joined NCR-MKO)
Fadaii(ICFL) Iranian Communist Fadaian League
Fadaii(UPFI) The Union of People's Fedaian of Iran
FadAii aksariat Iranian People's Fedaian, Majority faction
GPI Green Party of Iran (Hezb-e Zabz)
Hambastegi Socialisti People's Coalition for Socialism
Hasteh Aghaliat A small branch of communists fighting for a society that is free, equal, and free from any oppression and dependency.
IAIS International Alliance of Iranian Students
ICC International Communist Current
ICPI Constitutionalist Party of Iran
IIC Iranians for International Cooperation
INSP Iranian National Socialist Party
IPC Iran Politcs Club
Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum: a political quarterly in defence of democracy and socialism
IRAINC Iranian Refugees' Alliance, Inc.
IRAN WATCH References about Iran, its government, economy,and culture
IRANIAN VOICE Everyone has a voice
IRI Embassy Iranian embassy in Addis Ababa
IRI Embassy Iranian embassy in Canada
IWO Internationalist Workers Organization
IWSN Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network
IWSR Institute for Women's Studies and Research
Javaan Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Youth League
JMI Jebhe Melli Iran
Jonbesh Hambastegi Solidarity Movement for Freedom and Democracy in Iran - Norway
Kanoon Kanoon Andishe & Sokhan
Kargar Iranian Revolutionary Socialists' League
Kavoshgar Promotes the achievements of the "movement of socialism from below"
Komala A seperated fraction of Komalah
Komalah Kurdish Branch of CPI
LT Links to progresseive sites
Marze-Por-Gohar Glorious Frontiers Party
Mehregan (cultural, political articles by academics)
Melliun Another Nationalist Movement
MKO Mojahedin Khalq Organization
Motalefeh Unified Islamic Society
NDFI National Democrative Front of Iran
Nehzat Nehzat-e Azaadi-e Iran
Neshast Revolutionary Union of Iranian Left and Communists
NMIR National Movement of Iranian Resistance(Dr. Bakhtiar)
OIS Organization of Iranian Socialists
Persian Research Materials from the library of the University of Chicago
PDK Democratic Party of the Iranian Kurdistan
Peykargar Komonist A separated fraction of Organization of Struggle for the freedom of Workers Class (Peykar)
PRSD Socialism and Revolution Tendency (Project for Revolutionary socialist Debate)
Rahekargar Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran
Ranjbaran Ranjbaran Party of Iran
Rastakhiz Iran The Imperial Iranian Guards(Monarchists)
Razmandegan The Organization of Fighters for Freedom of Workers Class
Roshangaran Enlightening Group
Samaa Sazmane Movahhedine Azadikhahe Iran
Sarbedaran Ettehadye Komonisthaaye Iran
Shoubiyeh Iran Shoubiyeh Party
Siasate-Kargari Worker Politics
Simaie Socialism Also known as Today's Communism (Komonist-e-emrooz)
SPI Socialist Party of Iran
The Armenian Genocide 1915 Read in Persian what happened to the Armenian people in Turkey
Tohidi Socialists Socialist Moslems
Toufan Party of Labour of Iran ( Toufan )
Tudeh Tudeh Party of Iran
USADIran US Alliance for a Democratic Iran
VWC Voice of Worder-Communism
WorkerToday Kargar-e Emrooz
WPI Worker-Communist Party of Iran
WSU Workers Socialist Unity

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